Monday, 18 May 2009

Step into Self Appreciation - part 1

Today's topic covers a very powerful and essential view of appreciation: Our view and what we can do to boost the way we think of ourselves. It's our quality of self appreciation that's important.

This is the first of three articles to cover quick, achievable practises you can do from home. Each covers three highly valued areas of living and something new you can begin now. I like to think you'll find them a creative, efficient and happy use of your time. I'm also learning and applying much of what you're about to read.

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There is only One Reason for Appreciating Yourself - That You Can
Summer is almost upon us and the temperature is changing, the colour of the sky is brighter and the air feels different. Naturally we like to feel good and look good. Some of us like to luxuriate in this all year round. The seasons don't always dictate how we should feel. People's expectations, fashions don't really dictate how we should look. We dictate to ourselves. Imagine! Instead, we can flow, be gentle and more easily choose just how great we want to think and feel.

The Look of Love
I recommend slowing down, relaxing and reading through the following exercise. Then doing it for real!
  • Stand in front of a mirror where you can clearly see your face.
  • Gently look into face. Linger on any features that attract you.
  • Gaze into your eyes for a little while, like lovers do.
  • Soothingly say something wonderful to yourself. Say anything, so it brings you comfort and joy.
  • Maybe it's self congratulation or a recognition of achievement or acknowledging that you're relaxed, happy and breathing well now.
  • The more you look at yourself, the more those heartfelt sentiments are making you feel great.
  • When you're really happy with yourself, enjoy this for as long as you like.

  • Looking into yourself through the mirror, remember any compliment or positive remark someone made to you.
  • Recall this clearly and any good feelings you have associated with this now.
  • Notice where the feeling begins, how it moves through you and double these sensations.
  • Declare you are deserving of love and appreciation simply because you are you. No one else can be as unique or individual as you are.
  • Be daring! Exaggerate every positive thing you say and experience right now. Let your passion and appreciation for yourself be supreme.
  • This is your moment and it always will be.

Consider This:
The nature around us, where ever we are is self sustaining, self cultivating and reproducing. That is a great reflection for our human nature. Something automatic and magical occurs every second of each day.
  • Sustain an open mind.
  • Cultivate a curious mind.
  • Reproduce a willingness for positive change.

Worthy of Your Appreciation
  • Choices - the more choices we identify the greater the freedom we experience.
  • Pleasures - they feel so good and are often the healthier choice.
  • Positive meanings - easy to find in many situations and encourages flexible thinking.
  • Quality relationships - self appreciation and happiness are strongly connected to what you most value and what costs the least.

Affirming your Self Appreciation
Ask yourself these questions and
  • What would it mean to really appreciate myself in all situations, every day?
  • What would it mean if I had a sense of appreciation for the people and circumstances in my life?
  • What would happen if I enjoyed more of my life as I appreciate myself even more?
  • What would happen when I appreciate that my life is an adventure?

Things to Do Now that Will Also Benefit Tomorrow
  • Imagine the perfect day whilst living in your current circumstances. Use all your senses fully as you immerse yourself in the experience. Rehearse for the day you want.
  • Meditate
  • Listen and/or read to inspiring, humorous, motivating material.
  • Write down all the things you would like to do. Prioritise the list with what is most achievable. Then complete them to the best of your ability.
  • Eat tasty, nutritious food.
  • Send a message to a friend or family member who you've not contacted recently.
  • Exercise, move around more in whatever way suits you.
  • Sleep well

I've used all these exercises to good effect. I've experienced some major changes in my life due to adopting and integrating these patterns of self appreciation. I still refer to them when I want to or feel I need to. I hope they will prove useful to you.
Part 2 of Self Appreciation is in the next post.

Thanks for reading


  1. Great post! Self appreciation is important especially if much is required of you in your daily life

  2. Hiya

    Thanks for your comment.
    People with lots of commitments, especially towards others who rely upon them, maybe need more expressions of appreciation.


  3. I tweeted to you the other day about HeartMath, and at the risk of sounding like a stalker here I'd like to point the relationship with what you're describing again if I may. :)

    The Institute of HeartMath ( has shown what positive emotions, like care or appreciation, can do to your heart rythms; they become more and more coherent. This influenced your fysiology, but also the way you experience things. I loved reading your post, even moreso because I saw the link between these processes. Best of luck, hope to read more interesting blogposts in the future!

  4. This was a very informative and comprehensive post. I found myself nodding in agreement with every point you raised and the exercises are excellent as well. Thank you for sharing this article.

  5. Hiya Herman

    I liked what I read at heartmath. Very encouraging and a site I will return to and refer others to. I agree it's in alignment with what I've written. Thank you for directing me to it.
    I also tweeted you a reply.

    Thanks for your comments

  6. Hiya Timethief

    It's a pleasure to share this article and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading through a few articles and some of your affirmations at your blog - they felt very good. Thanks.

    and thank you for your comment.

  7. Great post! I certainly like your ideas as I have used them myself and found that they work! I also like the tip on being curious about life. We find ourselves learning far far more when we are open to things that are new or even things that have been there along but have gone unnoticed.

  8. Hiya Evelyn

    Curiosity is a wonderful attribute. I'm sure so many people agree with you and the evidence is all around us.
    Meditation is a huge source of curiosity to me. The insights I get from regularly meditating give me space to be much more open to things.

    Thanks for your comment