Wednesday, 17 June 2009

1 Minute Meditation Manager

Recently, I recalled practising meditation so I became good at it. What do I mean by good? Well, I wanted to meditate easily, enjoyably, with minimum distraction, being relaxed and still. Oh yeah, I wanted to be less stressed with less anxiety too. That's a lot of wants isn't it? I managed it with a simple practise that I built upon after spending too much time trying other ways.

I can simplify it by saying, 'I learnt to meditate in a relaxed way, to be still on the inside.'
If you like to get to the 'business end' of this article, scroll down to the section titled '1 Minute Meditation Manager'.

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Meditation is about stillness. To notice more of this, be relaxed.
On my commuter journeys into work I would regularly meditate in the morning. Whether it was crowded like a tin of sardines or as quiet a country road, I found my moment to meditate. As a result I felt 'better' (than those days I didn't meditate) which meant I was happier, less stressed, more focused, breathing more naturally. What became obvious was the increased endurance and flexibility I had in coping with a working day. Often I found I was able to recuperate more quickly and create more positive attitudes towards what I wanted to accomplish for the day.

At first, do a little do it often and make it fun
I became relaxed on the outside and stiller on the inside. Like the obvious benefits of the tastiest nutritious foods, I realised to get the benefits of meditation you can:

Do it often
On a daily basis
In small amounts
Taking time to prepare and enjoy

This makes learning a lot easier and 'user friendly' so let's find your way of doing just this.

A meditation teacher once said "Sitting quietly, noticing more of what's already there, can be fun and relaxing. Who wouldn't want to discover more of themselves?"
On busy, hectic, stressful days when lunches and breaks were minimal or non-existent, I would take a moment to close my eyes and sit peacefully. I would do it often during the day, every one or two hours. There was a time limit at work obviously, so I focused and relaxed and allowed things to be. The more I sat like this, the more natural it became to sit quietly, calmly and afterwards feel tremendously refreshed. I referred to it as my '1 minute meditation manager' and I loved it!

The 1 Minute Meditation Manager
This is a step by step guide to closing your eyes, sitting peacefully for a minute or more every hour (or 2 hours) through your day. Using this approach will give you rapid skills in relaxing more quickly, easily ignoring sights and sounds from your outer environment and enjoying stillness on the inside.

I recommend you reading through the following guide before practising. There's also a hints and tips section below that I think will be helpful. It was (still is) for me. Enjoy!

  • Sit comfortably, keep both feet flat on the floor and your hands in your lap. Softly close your eyes.
  • Gently focus on the inside as if you are looking from the middle of your forehead.
  • Relax your vision and allow yourself to see inside in 'wide screen -panoramic' vision.
  • Allow your gaze to be very relaxed. Simply let things be as they are.
  • See whatever you see, feel whatever you feel and hear whatever you hear.
  • Focus calmly on the inside.

Hints and Tips
Plenty of of preparation leads to perfect performance.

1. Setting your attitude for sitting peacefully and focusing inside is a great preparation for the real thing. Preparation is key.

2. Imagine in sensuous detail, what it will be like to easily sit still and meditate calmly. Use this initially at night and in the morning for preparing yourself to meditating during the day.

3. Decide here and now you'll be finding regular opportunities in your day to meditate. Consider it a fun exploration of what’s possible.

4. Instill an attitude that any distractions will help you return (focus again) to more stillness inside.

5. Allow whatever happens to happen as you sit quietly. Everything has been taken care of. Enjoy the pleasure of being still.

I'd really appreciate to find out what your experiences and insights are.
Do you have any suggestions for helping people meditate? If so feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading.


  1. meditating is truly one of the most effective ways to relax and recuperate, as this can lessen stress and make you feel happier. as for me, i see to it that i meditate every morning, when everyone else is asleep so there would be less distraction.

  2. making it fun.

    probably the best advice i've heard about meditation. it's always dogmatic and "do this and this or else you're wrong"

    really refreshing and some great other tips too.

    i don't think it has to be a formal thing though. you can meditate as you're walking around ,as you're doing anything. it's a state of being more than a thing you do. just a quick caveat since most meditation guides start with "sit comfortably cross legged (in a cave if possible)" lol. :D

    inspiring post
    stumbled-hopefully throws some traffic your way

    keep well and in touch
    alex - unleash reality

  3. Wonderful thoughts on meditation. And it's good that have taken yours for a cruise. I believe the general idea that meditation is about total awareness of yourself and your surrounding from a different and not worldly perspective that mostly everyone practices.

  4. Hiya,

    glad you like my thoughts and practises. I fully agree with you that meditation is really about yourself on the inside and not from a worldly perspective.

    Thanks for commenting

  5. Hi Alex

    Meditation is frequently presented in a dogmatic style and not always presented in a useful way for enjoyment and insights. Thankfully more presenters are emerging with a flexible modern approach.

    I have to say that sitting down cross legged or otherwise is best for me to be inside for longer and appreciate more of what's inside me.

    I agree with you that meditating or having an awareness of what you're doing whilst walking etc is a great way to be. I'll do a future post on that because it really can have a beneficial effect, in my experience. Thanks for that.

    Thanks for commenting too. I'll definitely keep in touch. Take care

  6. Hiya Smartchic

    Meditating often makes me happier and certainly loses any stress. It's good to know others love meditating in the morning too.

    Thanks for your comment

  7. Great article. It's important to stop rushing through our daily activities and slow down. Meditation is an invaluable source of relaxation. Great post Jens.

  8. Hi Jens,

    Haven't heard from you for quite a while. Hope you'll continue to inspire us with your thoughts on meditation and more when you find the time!


  9. Perfectly written. I agree, practice, even in the smallest increments, increasing the "stillness" accessibility. Good work. I felt I was meditating just reading. Thanks.

  10. Well, meditation hasn't really worked for me to reduce stress, but maybe I'll try some of your techniques :)

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  12. Everyone should take a moment for themself. I rarely meditate, because I guess I don't take time for it so I like the idea of "At first, do a little do it often". Thanks for advice!

  13. great tips. i guess it's about time i practice daily meditation to relax my often stressed mind and body.

  14. I really liked that tip about using your commute to meditate. I had never thought about meditating then but it makes total sense: it's a long period of time when you are stuck in one spot and often, it can become a very stressful time. I imagine that it would also severely influence the rest of your day in a positive way because I know that a stressful drive to work or school can do the same negatively.

    I would like to suggest adding a visual relaxation device to your one-minute meditation idea. I think it could really take your meditation to the next level. Some great videos can be found at, but be careful not to watch more than two at a time.

  15. Meditation gives peace to mind ad our heart.So keep meditating.It would e beneficial for our mid ad keeps our body fit

  16. Very nice, I gotta practice meditation now, thanks for this!

    Zero Dramas

  17. Good stuff! Thanks for this update.

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    Thanks for sharing...

    "Michael Muskat"

  19. Thanks for sharing. Interesting for me is the difference between short, frequent, daily meditation practice or a longer session, maybe once a week. Of course it is everybody's personal preference how to meditate. One minute sessions or longer meditation and reflection.