Thursday, 11 June 2009

3 Videos on Meditation, Chi Running and EFT

Like millions of other people upon this planet, I enjoy watching videos online. I felt it was time for an audio visual treat. I've watched some excellent instructional videos recently and I've embedded three of them here. I think you'll like what they show you. The topics are in the broad areas of Relaxation and Well Being. They cover themes of EFT (emotional freedom technique), Meditation and Chi Running/Walking.

The Basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
A good, clear video. I will add this is an interpretation of the basics. I get the impression with EFT, that it may have a more loose structure than it's original source TFT (Thought Field Therapy) by Roger Callahan. That's my opinion and not a comment upon it's efficacy. Judging from the responses to EFT and it's many practitioners, it's a success for emotional self healing and practitioner led healing.

How to Meditate
Interesting video and has been very popular on YouTube. Surprisingly, the voice over has some useful suggestions and remarks for enjoying meditating. I hope you find something good to apply to help you easily sit and meditate. That would be wonderful. Check out my articles on Meditation.

Injury Free Running and Walking
This is an interview with the creator of Chi Running by Renegade Health. The video aims to help you adjust your posture and state of relaxation for easier, injury free running. The information is practical and I believe will benefit you, as it has me in my running. It also offers good advice on walking postures.

What was the most beneficial thing you got from these videos?
Did they provide you with information to positively change the way you meditate, run, walk or feel? Let me know.

Thanks for watching


  1. Hi Jens,

    Is it my computer or is there an error? I don't see any embeded videos or links to Youtube.


  2. Hiya

    It works fine, no error. The embedded videos are found and playable on my computer. I use Firefox browser and I've checked it on Internet explorer too.
    It's also working on the mac with Safari browser.
    Sorry to say it may be your computer.
    Maybe you can go to control panel/network and internet/internet options/manage browser, click advanced then scroll down to 'multimedia' and make sure 'play animations in webpages' is clicked.

    Beyond that I recommend asking a more competent friend or googling your query.

    Hope this is helpful.

  3. Hi Jens

    I would say I like the walking with ChiRunning is the one I got the most out of. My healer's office does a chirunning class, I have yet to have to time to join them. But I soon will.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  4. Hi Jens,

    I realized that I can't view all videos from Blogger sites for some unknown reason. But I have no problem viewing videos from other sites. Could be my firewall acting up.

    Thanks for your advice.


  5. Hiya Giovanna

    I hope you have the time to join the chi running class. I'm sure you'll get lots from it.

  6. That video relieves my stress! Can I download that video for free? By the way If you want to read more about relaxation music, you may Click Here.