Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Magic of Your Intuition part 2

Step into part 2 for using your Intuition.
This article will give you two powerful exercises to play with that I believe will encourage your intuition to 'reveal' itself. I think they'll get you into a calm, relaxed mood to accept intuitive feelings and insights.
Each exercise is simple and uses only your innate abilities. Intuition is an easy, simple, highly effective and natural process. Avoid thinking too much or trying to make it more than it is. Most importantly, have fun exploring.

A Reminder
In Part 1, I suggested that Intuition is a natural, instant, 'gut feeling', 'knowing' or 'understanding without thinking.' Furthermore I think it's a simple, fast, enjoyable ability that is available to us all.
So, your intuition may reveal itself as a feeling with meaning only to you, or a quick image or vision, or something else unique to you. You may be surprised to discover that you've had intuitive experiences at many times in life.

Remember that intuition is a simple, instant 'result' usually requiring an initial thought or an intention. If at any time you feel something other than comfort, please stop the exercises and do something else. You can always return to them later.
Read through each one first before practising and have fun!

The Big Screen
  • Sit down and make yourself comfortable.
  • Relax in the easiest way you know how.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Have a thought of something you want intuitive information on.
  • Relax even more.
  • Imagine a movie screen or TV screen in front of you.
  • This will be where any intuitive images may present themselves.
  • Slowly move this screen closer to you until you notice an image or until it's in preferred location.
  • Be patient and relaxed and notice what you notice.

The Simplest Way
This involves three simple things: You being relaxed and having both the belief and intention that you can easily access your Intuition.
  • Sit down in a relaxed posture with your feet flat on the floor
  • Close your eyes.
  • Gently be aware of your 'inner space'.
  • Focus on no-thing.
  • If you get distracted simply say "Not this."
  • Return to being aware of your 'inner space'.
  • Enjoy noticing what you notice.

I'll just add that this last exercise can be a powerful and insightful experience! You can also use this last exercise with your eyes open whilst sat in other relaxing environments, like a coffee shop. Be flexible in your application of relaxation. Obviously heed the usual care regarding operating machinery, cars etc. I imagine you're the sensible people who do that already.

In my experience these two exercises have been most useful in giving me greater awareness of my Intuition. I hope they offer you the same practical value also.

What experiences did you have? What have you discovered about your Intuition?

Part 1 of this article showed you ways to prepare for receiving intuitive ideas or intuitive thinking. It has 3 techniques you can quickly use to remove tension or reduce the thinking that sometimes blocks Intuition.

Thanks for reading


  1. stop to listen and our intution will do the rest. Thank you for the exercise.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  2. Hiya

    You're correct of course. The simplest thing like listening to yourself is the key.
    Thanks for commenting.


  3. LOVE your site, Jens (and so appreciate the comment and the recommenting there if it works!).

    Today? For me? it is all about this:
    belief and intention that you can easily access your Intuition.


  4. Thank you! I love writing the articles. Now I'm back from my little travels and visits I'll post more.


  5. Great ideas for exercises. I love practical explanations on how to go about doing things. I can tell just by looking at the steps that it is not hard to do! Thanks for sharing!

  6. It's a pleasure and I'm glad they'll be easy to use. Thanks for commenting.