Thursday, 30 April 2009

3 Inside Tips for Your Health and Well Being

There are three powerful inner resources we commonly use to enjoy good feelings for relaxation, motivation, excitement, creativity and inspiration. The effect of this is often greater well being, goal achievement, changes in attitude, perceived health and positive outlook on life. I'll share my highlights of each to better illustrate what they are and how you can use them.

From the Inside to the Outside and Back Again
Your inner resources are the attributes of your personality and are innate human skills. We all share them. We are often grateful for them. They have a strong relationship between our outer world and our inner. Our imagination often acts as a liaison between the two. They are controlled by your mind and you are expert in using them in many ways already. In my experience these resources are our vision, our feelings and our inner dialogue.

People start by looking within and then move toward what's available outside of them. Personally, I think that's a very good strategy. When they know how to beneficially use what's inside them, then their reliance on other things is reduced. Co-operating with the skills you have and sharing your gifts with others, leads to greater happiness and independence.
It could be a metaphor for this burgeoning green, resourceful society we have around us. First locate and use what is naturally, locally, easily available and then share it. We may find it's more precious and pleasurable too.

The 3 Inside Tips for Your Well Being
As you read this you may find it's easier to go inside and discover even more of what's already available to you.

  • I realised that when I get excited or happy, I experience a brightness or light in my mind. It's like a white and golden light. So now, when I want to feel good or even better about something, I imagine it full or suffuse with bright light and hey presto! the magic is there.

  • With any excitement comes really good feelings. These sensations can begin in my torso and quickly spread through my body to my fingertips and toes. The kinaesthetic movement feels like it sends sparks from my fingers and toes. My body feels energized and robust and my stamina improves. Whenever I want to enhance a positive experience, I notice which way feelings move and accelerate it by sending these wonderful feelings all over my body.

  • When I find a positive, uplifting or motivating moment I naturally hear my inner voice exclaim "That's great. I'll do it!" My inner dialogue is dynamic, powerful and motivating. It resonates all around me, as though I'm bathed in it's sound, volume, tone and tempo. When I desire more motivation I use my inner dialogue in a way that reminds me of a rock bands PA system. It rocks and I roll with it.

As you consider personal experiences of using your three skills together with any desires for your brighter future, perhaps you will bring all your resources together and create something really unique. I don't know exactly what that will be when you have it ready to share, although I'm looking forward to hearing and reading more.

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Now you've read about the benefits of the suggestions above, you may like to comment on what you do that makes you feel good, better or just wonderful.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading

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