Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Your fantastic internal technology

I wrote this article to offer my ideas and beliefs upon using the gifts and gadgetry (our minds and bodies) to help us in creating well being, happiness and just about anything else we can realistically get. It's my opinion and I like to imagine it'll be useful to you. So, let me add that this article may practically assist you in your well being. To more easily provide you with the everyday luxury of relaxation. To be calm and focus on your enjoyment of meditation.

I've provided links to earlier articles I've written (highlighted text) with step by step methods to explore relaxation, well being, meditation and personal development.

Our fantastic internal technology of the present for the future
I expect it's common knowledge that surviving and thriving or being happy and healthy requires a working knowledge of technology. We use an uber-sophisticated technology called our mind and it's peripheral hardware called our brain and nervous system. It was the first and will always be the greatest set of gadgetry we will own or operate.

Take pleasure in the fact that it's easier to use than the software programs in our computers. Instead of clicking through the help section we can rapidly ask our memory and notice our emotions and honest reflections as to whether something has been done 'correctly' or not. We can also change emotions, distort and reshape our memories to remove bad feelings that limit our enjoyment of our life. We can create beliefs to motivate us to achieve something new. We can use our internal sensational dictionary to find the words that quickly build wonderful feelings and attitudes. We can love ourselves.

The good thing is most of the hard work has been done for us. We've already had years of experience in using our internal software and we are benefiting from the biological development of generations. Let us use this to our advantage. I think it's always useful to simplify beliefs and opinions on subjects that matter. It makes everything easier to grasp and we can all feel that we understand the same things.

I'm going to briefly describe my simple ideas on how our minds operate.
Our views and beliefs of the world can be said to have 4 basic parts:

Generally, our minds use 3 things to create perceptions, memories and comparisons of our world. We can alter each of them to change how we feel, think and act. That's a clever thing.

Images - for many of us images appear around us physically and within us as memories all day, every day. They are composed of colour, moving or still objects and often multi-sensory. Many people even recall dreaming in images.

Location and Time - When something is remembered it's saved in a special place in your imagination. Two useful analogies are when you want to quickly find saved work on your computer you first store it as a file, in a folder within a directory. You will leave money in your home in a place you consider safe and memorable and only easily found by you.

Association - remember biting into your favourite food? When you do, you'll probably recall the taste, sensation of food in your mouth, smell, colour and pleasure.

One of the most important prerequisites for well being of any description is choice. How you create choice depends on how well you play with Images, Associations, Locations and the techniques listed below.

How we notice choices depends on our learning skills with the things listed above. Thankfully, that's easy to do and many of us are able to create choices in our lives. We can do this when our environment supports us and we are able to step into or create new environments.
Most importantly you can learn how to use your internal world - your imagination and brain to create the sorts of choices you want. Sometimes you may be in places where you'd prefer not to be. Then you have your flexibility with your imagination to make internal changes to your perception of what's happening around you. Until you can leave and go somewhere you prefer. Regardless of what personal development magic they may work, most people do not want to be in a war zone for too long if at all.

I believe you'll do very well when you use any and all the following techniques toward well being and positive self change.

Imagination - Einstein said it "embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."
Positive Images - you'll enjoy repeating certain things and most minds and bodies like good memories.
Movement - We remember and feel movement more than still images. Make them 3D for more effect.
Humour - I believe most people like a good laugh and it's a magic tool for transforming how you feel.
Exaggeration - Over emphasising shapes, colours, movements, sounds can be fast, fun way to change our attitude and feelings and create new behaviour.
Colour - It's powerful, emotional, we wear it everyday, most if us see it every day.
Sound - what's your favourite music? the sound of your lovers voice? You hear what I'm saying?

Individually or together, they'll produce new feelings which you can play with to shape new ideas and behaviours. You are a technological marvel. We are a mind - body mystery in motion. Get familiar with using the gadgetry you were born with. Love exploring this wonder and expand it into new ways of living and sharing on this planet. Together we can be ever changing, new, different, creative maybe revolutionary in our designs for well being, harmony and positive change.

Thanks for reading


  1. Very interesting post... I've been doing my meditations focused on thoughts, feelings and visualizations. Although I notice in my dreams there are so many symbols, shapes and colours.

    Do you have any ideas on what types of symbols, shapes or colours might be of best benefit. I notice the image that looks like a mandela. Kevin

  2. Thanks for your reply

    My ideas as to what will benefit you come from my experience in meditating on coloured shapes. I hope it will be useeful to you. I found it quite fascinating and it only made me more curious!
    I noticed all sorts of perceptual and attitude shifts and 'subtle' sensations in my body. On different occassions, i experienced different effects looking at the same shape.

    I used 3 shapes - squares, triangles and circles. Frequent shapes included in many objects around us. I also used 7 colours from red to violet. A friend had designed this years before with all coloured shapes on a black background.

    i always like to recommend relaxing or being still and having an 'open' attitude.
    Glad to be following your blog/twitter!


  3. Hi Jens

    I have a special place that I have been and I use that place to help me bring peace to myself when ever I need it. I can close my eyes and feel, hear, smell this special beach of my and that always help me stay center.
    Your post is very useful and with a lot of details on the topic. Great job.
    Thank you,
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  4. Hiya

    Thanks for commenting.
    I'm glad it's a useful post. I really enjoy the subject area and find it fun and beneficial for my life.
    I also have a special place I go to when wanting to relax more. It really is a quick and easy route to being centred!