Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Space to Fit Your Needs

I was chatting today with a friend from a language course I attend. I told her about an exercise I used, which helped create in me a sense of peace and comfort when travelling on crowded trains to and from work. It went something like this.

The Shape of Things to Come
  • I would imagine a cocoon or circle around me.
  • I would give it a colour that immediately gave me a sense of either peace and comfort or security and warmth, or even a colour that made me feel more energetic. I would imagine any colour which produced in me feelings I needed at that moment.
  • Then I would notice it's thickness and decide to increase or decrease it, only if necessary. I would again notice how tangible it was and decide whether I felt happy with this or if I wanted to alter it again.
  • It would have clear definition, encircling my whole body and feel absolutely natural and complimentary.

The Ipod of your Imagination
  • From this space I would include any sounds that would enhance the feelings I wanted. So if I wanted to feel calm and alert I may imagine a soft humming noise that would literally be softening.
  • Importantly for me at that time, was the discovery that I could ask myself what noise I needed for the desired effect. I used my imagination like an ipod set to random on your most favourite pieces of music.
  • However I decided it needed to be more specific than that. So I imagined that when I asked, my imagined ipod would automatically play the most desired and appropriate music. It still works like a treat simply because I want it to.
  • Since I had created this music centre, I could also adjust the volume, tone, bass to suit my needs. Often I was very happy with the first choice.
  • Finally, I decided how comforted I wanted to be and who and what I would let into my 'space/awareness.' Remember I was on a train, and didn't want to be so self absorbed that I missed my stop or ignored a friend boarding the same train.
  • This great tool would remain for whatever time period I wanted it to. As a result of having created it once, I can more easily recreate it and embellish it with all sorts of cool design features and 'widgets'.

I hope this will be useful to those of you who look for varied ways to relax and compliment your day. Give it a go and tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading.

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