Monday, 16 February 2009

Not even, but almost the top 10 Self Help Books

I decided to find which books I could rate the 'best' for offering results oriented information and practical exercises which are easy-to-read. I could then 'test' them myself in the shortest time.
My criteria covered the spectrum of self help, mind and body and self improvement books and believe me it's a very broad spectrum indeed.

I've kept them un-numbered because in my opinion they're all useful books. I've no idea what's going to be most useful to you. They are all, except one, available online at the popular stores. These are the titles of what I found.

Master your Memory Tony Buzan
Want to remember facts, figures, shopping lists, information for exams, your partner's name? Then this book is probably for you. I'm using it to remember new words in a foreign language.

Guide to Trance-formation Richard Bandler
From the man who co-founded NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming in the '70s and continues to teach it to this day with Paul McKenna. It's a book of his entertaining opinions and stories leading into exercises to 'take charge of your brain' and feel good. Very good.

The Secret Rhonda Byrne
You've probably heard of this already. It's popular, inspiring and well crafted. It claims to offer advice to help you achieve health, wealth and happiness. I haven't won 'big' on the lottery yet. Available in audio.

Change Your Life in Seven Days Paul McKenna
The guy's on top of his game. He's had success with television shows, books and cds, seminars and so I naturally assume he knows what he's writing about. Clearly written with great exercises. Has CD accompanying the book.

Never Gymless Ross Enamait
A book for those of you who don't like gyms or the idea of entering one. This is dedicated to home-based workouts. It's rich with body weight exercises for strength, endurance, and speed. You may lose weight too. If you want to curl dumbbells for hours a week in your bedroom, avoid this book. If you want to get fit and feel healthier, grab it now. You'll need to go to his website to purchase. Just google him.

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci Michael J. Gelb
It's a surprisingly inspiring and motivating book. Good presentation with the usual assumptions and inferences about how an historical figure lived his life. Importantly, it may encourage you to think differently for more satisfying results. Available in audio.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Deepak Chopra
This small book has been around for years but it's a definite 'feel good' manual for your imagination and way of living. Available in audio.

Psycho-cybernetics Maxwell Maltz
This book has been around for even longer than the previous one. One of the first books that focused upon creating images and movies in your imagination, to help you clearly see and program what you want before you go out and get it. Available in audio.

Tapping the Healer Within - Roger Callahan
An informative, practical book with clear exercises from the founder of TFT - Thought Field Therapy. It primarily uses tapping points on the body to help reduce and remove anxiety, stress and phobias amongst issues.

I don't have a number 1 book. I've found all of them useful at some time, in some way. One other reason they're listed here is because I still consider them useful and enjoyable to read. Maybe this list will help you decide on a book for yourself or a friend from amongst the many pop psychology and self improvement titles.

Now that you've read the list, you may have a warm, curious desire to explore some 'self help' techniques. Then I highly recommend you click on the links below.
Feel Good

I hope you find the exercises in the links beneficial. I also hope you find the list of books interesting too.

Thanks for reading.

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