Sunday, 1 February 2009

Videos on my blog

I've added a Relaxation and Meditation video bar at the bottom of The Relaxing Zone blog front page.
This shows both google and youtube video images and clips of various people talking about, you've got it, meditation and relaxation.
You can click on an image and it will open up into a small player and begin the selected video. The blog page will remain in the background. You can also right click on the blue text beneath the small player and this opens the video in a new tab at its source page (either youtube or

I put them on my blog when I remembered that people find motivating and useful information from different sources. It is the online, wireless, multi-media culture we have here. So together, let's enjoy using it for our own benefit and for that of others.

My Opinion of the Videos
I've looked at many of the videos presented on the bar. I've also downloaded some onto my ipod
so I can listen to them whilst walking my dog.The features I look for in video, audio or written presentations (relating to relaxation, meditation and self help) are the following:

  • Are the goals or directions of the presentation given clearly.
  • Does it provide you with practical ways to attain goals for yourself.
  • Is this information provided clearly and simply so you can quickly act upon it.

The videos at the bottom of my front page have been uploaded to google/youtube from various sources. Some are talks given at Google Tech. Others are individual presentations or organisational presentations of which I have no affiliation and no known association with. I simply believe that some of the information may be useful to you. Generally, the videos contain nuggets of motivating and practical information that I imagine you can put to good use. Notice, that I wrote 'nuggets'.

I hope you enjoy the videos and as always, please comment.
Stay reading, stay relaxing.
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