Thursday, 12 February 2009

Give yourself a Body Tapping, Eye Rolling, Affirmative Way towards Well Being

I was reminded yesterday of a technique called EFT or TFT, that claims to have been proven effective for reducing and removing phobias, emotional distress, stress and even addictions. You'll probably agree with me that this is quite a roll call of achievements. I'd like you to decide whether it will be useful, so I'll describe more of it here.

The original founder of the technique of TFT is Roger Callahan. His book 'Tapping the Healer Within' describes this health technique in easy to follow, step by step processes. His first success with this tool was with a woman who had severe water phobia. TFT has lately been popularised as EFT by Gary Craig, which he states is a needle free version of acupuncture. Both claim you can learn and apply this tool immediately and I agree with them. What prompted me to explore this several years ago, was the statement that thousands of people worldwide have used TFT to conquer fears, remove compulsions, reduce anger and anxiety and overcome grief from 'broken' relationships amongst other things.

Being sceptical of the many 'therapies' or 'treatments' being advertised, I was attracted to the idea that I could put it into practice almost immediately and I could also research the scientific results claimed in the book. More importantly, I quickly put TFT to the test and found it worked for me. It also worked for other people I showed it to. Oh yeah, I will add there are no known side effects and no known risks. So if you like adrenaline rushing, edge of the pilot seat experiences this may not be for you. If you prefer potentially fast acting tools for your well being, read on.

An overview of TFT to arouse your curiosity
Roger Callahan has written that TFT (Thought Field Therapy) represents an revolutionary advance in the way psychological disturbances or negative emotions are managed, removed and replaced. Furthermore, he claims his discoveries have received strong scientific support through the technology called HRV (heart rate variability).
As I understand it, HRV is the beat-to-beat alterations in heart rate and is sensitive and responsive to acute stress. I've read that HRV is used medically for its ability to predict survival after a heart attack. The higher the HRV the greater the prospect of survival. Allegedly, some studies have shown a link between negative emotions, such as anxiety and hostility and reduced HRV. Obviously, TFT claims to dramatically improve HRV and theses changes can take place in minutes. In my opinion, something claimed as this effective is worthy of further exploration, especially as much is freely or cheaply available.
See below for links to sites offering more information.

How do I use TFT, EFT.
1. You think about a personal concern that is troubling you.
2. You quantify the emotion on a scale of 1 - 10.
3. You tap on specific points on your body in a sequence. This includes points on your face, torso and hands.
4. Later, whilst tapping on your body, in this case normally your hand, you also move your eyes in specific directions.
5. You rate the level of change you experience - ideally has the concern reduced or been removed.
6. Your focus is to naturally remove or dramatically reduce the emotional upset so you can quickly improve your well being.

The Free Basics of EFT
The basics for you to begin EFT are available for free on Gary Craig's website, and here is the link:

Roger Callahans TFT website:

I highly recommend you visit PluginID. It's a blog by Glen, about practically tapping into your 'core self' and plugging into your own identity. I recently subscribed and found my reminder of EFT with an excellent strategy for its use. It also has a link to EmoFree.
Here's the link to Glen's PluginID blog:

Wishing you success. Thanks for reading.

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