Wednesday, 25 February 2009

How to prepare your place for relaxation

....and then make it a relaxing place.

This is a purposefully misleading title. It's not about preparing your home or personal living space for relaxation. It's really about 3 more important things:

1. Your Life
2. Your Mind and Imagination
3. Your Brain and Body

The 'bizarre' thing is some people don't think those 3 fundamental, innate attributes you have (and I hope enjoy) are important enough to want to creatively explore and enjoy more of them. Enjoying them in a way that is unique. Individual. Now, that is a different thing altogether because I'm not writing about you choosing a different haircut and holiday package from your friends. I'll ask you this one thing: When did you decide and create what's best for you, before you accepted what someone or some branded idea offered you?

I know it's a slightly provocative introduction but I want to get a message across that many people, myself included can remind ourselves to be more uniquely creative. At that same time caring for our own well being, so we can better care for that of others.

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for." Barack Obama

So, if you've already decided what's best for you and want to now accept what someone is offering you, please read on.

Relaxing and inspiring places and faces
The following points are given as a guide towards a place in yourself that is more naturally relaxed, as you design the world around you to compliment that experience repeatedly.

  • Pick places and moments in your daily life where you can practise relaxation.
  • Decide upon times in your future where you can benefit from relaxation and greater well being, to your advantage.
  • Write and expand and practically develop ideas that make you feel useful and creative.
  • Consider how you're life will change as a result of relaxing more.
  • Surround yourself with friends and locations that encourage well being and relaxation within you.
  • How will relaxation benefit you and you're family and friends?
  • Introduce yourself to people who appear relaxed and dare them and dare yourself to enjoy a conversation.
  • Do you vividly remember times in your past when you were most relaxed?
  • Go and discover music, books, poetry, films, art that may be relaxing for you.
  • What do you imagine relaxation will give you now that you do not have already?
  • Do you believe you can deeply relax?
All of the above will stimulate some sort of relaxing response either during or after the event or at both these times. Maybe you will be experiencing states of relaxation quite spontaneously!
I believe the above handy hints and tips provoke some enjoyable and relaxing changes in life. They're normally very easy to do.
It's basically a long way of saying "think well for yourself, think well about yourself".
Make yourself a more relaxing place.

I want to mention a blog that I read. It's useful and very popular. It covers areas like organisation, simplicity, acheiving goals and its called Zen Habits. There's no indication buddhist monks are involved.

Thanks for reading

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