Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Casting thoughts upon our human technology and well being

Too much thinking at night, she said
I got an email from a friend in England today. In it she tells me she is currently on a doctor's prescription for 'my head' and 'my stomach'. I wondered why, because when I lived there I wasn't aware of her taking anything. She replied and told me she was having difficulty sleeping. She thinks too much at night and this combined with her three jobs, as a mother, an accountant and a wife is possibly contributing to her stomach upsets. I'm sure this scenario is nothing unusual today.

Baby Steps to Well Being
What I did find unusual was that she had not searched for ways to help herself beyond advice from her doctor. I am aware that some doctors do suggest CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, which is a very good thing. It's 'baby steps' in the right direction. Upon reflection (and a little research into the accessibility of prescribed drugs to reduce symptoms) I suspect there's a huge number of people without resources to practical self help information.

We have a huge amount of self help resources for well being available to us. Just take a look at your local bookstore or the internet. There appears little effort in my opinion to market it as being practically useful (as opposed to an intellectual resource) on a daily basis. I believe we have to begin educating people in the schools. Give children the opportunity to know they can enjoy a remarkably creative resource between their ears. Teach proficiency in it's use for well being, as often as children are taught maths and science. 'The Self' is the most important subject they have.

Thinking with our own natural technology for well being
I hope that very soon people start to realise that they were born with a fantastic technology in their brain and body. Many of us are fortunate enough to use it well during our lifetimes but how many of us know how to use it creatively for our well being. The mind is a potentially marvellous resource for many experiences in the brain and body. Sometimes you have to grab the reins of a runaway horse and guide it into the best direction you prefer to travel in. It's simply an important matter to use it in a way that promotes healthy and happier experiences. It's either this or do what you've always done. Of course, if that's what works well for you, then I congratulate you and ask that you share with us the things you do so well.
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