Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Develop Your Voice for Deeper Relaxation

You may be thinking "What sort of post title is this?" Let me tell you.

I guess, we have a new thought or an old one, strolling across the landscape of our minds every second. I think we need to decide what thoughts can stroll on and, which ones we save for later and, which we send off in another direction.

Let me show you how to easily create the best thoughts, for the best type of feelings. This is a tool you can use in many different environments. It's a useful tool, so I recommed becoming familiar with it. A good way to quickly accomplish this is by doing the following.

In this example I'll focus upon Relaxation. 'Joy' I hear you yell. Well, 'Joy' will be another state you will be able to create after reading this.

Discover Your Special Words
  • Here and now, find a number of words that are most relaxing to you. In other words, begin saying to yourself (internally) words and phrases that make you feel relaxed. Go on, you know its ok to talk to yourself.
  • Sit down and write the words which you feel will relax you most.
  • Enjoy some time developing the phrases or the one, two, three or more words that your body immediately enjoys relaxing to. It's important that you find and repeat words that automatically create good feelings of relaxation.
  • Then repeat them to yourself. Do this internally because I want you to explore more of your internal voice and the fantastic sounds and effects it can begin producing.

I'll give some examples of words and phrases here:

I'm Relaxing
I'm Relaxed
I'm Relaxing More
Every part of me is Relaxing Deeply
I'm Much More Relaxed Now

Of course, you can naturally choose whichever words suit you best.

A slight diversion but it can be to your benefit.
When you have your most relaxing words, then begin playing with the following suggestion.
To get the most benefits from this you'll really have to let yourself create a range of voice types in your imagination. I apologise to those of you who enjoy this range already. I had to create them using something like this.
  • Remember the voices of as many individual singers as you can. Notice everything you can about their voices. Run through the different sounds from each voice and notice any textures, tones, pitches, speeds and feelings.
  • As you recall the different voices, you can notice they produce different feelings in your body. Maybe these feelings will be in different places, maybe the same. Sometimes you'll hear one singer's voice in a different location in your 'memory' compared to the voice of another singer.
  • Notice and remember the voices with the most powerful effect upon you.

How to design your own beaultiful, relaxing voice for a change
  • Say your chosen relaxing words using your own voice in the most soothing, comforting way. 'Soothing' so the sensation you feel is like 'mmmmmm'.
  • Now say them in the sexiest voice you have. Your voice pours with so much sensual passion you can even smell it's fragrance.
  • Now say them in a voice that wraps luxury around every syllable.
  • Hear your favourite film star's voice. Does she or he speak with a voice that is sensous, relaxing and is easy to play within you?
  • Which was the most relaxing for you? Choose this and repeat it.
  • Slow it down or speed it up if it makes you more relaxed.
  • Make the voice 'deeper' or 'higher' to explore how this may produce deeper relaxation.
  • Notice the direction of your voice. When you change it's direction what do you notice?
  • If you make it a stereo sound or a surround sound what do you notice?
  • If you like, invent your own 'worlds most spohisticated sound machine' in your mind. More of that in a future post.
When you have the most relaxing words, combined with the most sensually relaxing voice spoken at a soothing speed, then please repeat this to your heart's content. Afterwards please send me a comment upon how relaxing this is.

I'm strongly hinting at you enjoying this and being imaginative here. For some readers you may be breaking new ground. Good! I certainly was when I first used this. My discovery was fantastic in helping me relax deeply and I still use this regularly.

Thanks for reading.

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