Monday, 2 February 2009

The Easy 7 to Relaxation

Years ago, finding ways to deeply relax could be a time consuming effort. You would search papers, buy magazines and visit the local library or sports centre. Now we have the speed and multi media celebration of all things diverse and colourful that is the internet and blogging.

I share this post so you can apply the following techniques quickly and easily. I find they are designed to help enter a state of relaxation quickly and easily.

  1. Remember a time you felt most relaxed.
  2. Remember that time in clear detail. Close your eyes and vividly savour every relaxing detail.
  3. If you haven't already, move into that moment, being in the experience as if it's happening now.
  4. Notice everything that makes you feel more relaxed. Make the feelings deeper throughout your body. See what you see, hear what you hear to encourage those relaxing sensations.
  5. Focus on the wonderful sensations in your body. Feel what area is most relaxed, what direction relaxation moves in and send it through your whole body.
  6. Think about your future as you enjoy this relaxation and imagine yourself over the days, weeks and months.
  7. Clearly see yourself with this relaxation, living your life in specific situations at home, travelling, at work and wherever and whenever suits you best.
This technique is to be practised until you feel the pleasures of relaxation you want. It can then be repeated more easily when you desire those pleasures again.

This is my adaptation of a relaxation technique taught to me many years ago on an nlp course. I understand it was designed by the co-founder of nlp, Richard Bandler.

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