Tuesday, 27 January 2009

On your breath cycles

I'm placing this breathing exercise under 'Meditation' and 'Relaxation' because it eases me into relaxation and boosts my concentration.
It's a simple exercise and suitable for most places, though obviously avoid operating vehicles and machinery. It is quickly effective, by which I mean you'll likely notice a difference (and a positive one I hope, if not stop doing it) in your sensory perception of your surroundings.
It can be performed in a short space of time or for as long as is comfortable to you. As with my other suggestions, the only highly valuable equipement you need is you!

I recommend sitting comfortably with your back straight and comfortably upright.
You will be inhaling and exhaling through your nose in your natural manner.

  • Gently close your eyes and relax.
  • Now simply be aware of your breathing. It'll be flowing in and out quite naturally as you focus gently upon it.
  • Place you awareness to the tips of your nostrils and the sensation of the breath moving in and out.
  • Keep your focus on the tips of your nostrils.
  • Simply allow your breathing to do it's natural cycles.
  • Relax, enjoy your breathing and whatever else you notice.
  • Do this for 5 to 10 minutes or longer, if good for you.

You might think it sounds kinda simple. You're right. Practice it to know for yourself how effective it will be. If you like it, keep on using it. I'm interested to know your experiences when you're happy to share.

Thanks for reading and tell your friends and colleagues about therelaxingzone.blogspot.com.

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