Saturday, 17 January 2009

Great news. Relaxing is easy!

The good news is relaxing is easy.

Below you will read a 'classic' way of encouraging yourself to quickly relax.
It is a simple and very effective guide to relaxing deeply. I've used it for myself and with other people to great effect.

It is something you can play with and modify at your leisure.
Add or remove words or sentences to suit you. Repeat them to suit you.
Some people experience wonderful, refreshing relaxation by simply repeating the word "Relax" in a slow, gentle, soothing way.

Deep Relaxation

Begin by sitting comfortably and notice the way your body rests.

Start by repeating the word relax to yourself in a slow, gentle, soothing manner.

When ready, tell yourself to begin relaxing from the top of the head to the tips of your toes.
Using a speed and tone of voice that will help you relax.
Usually a softer, slower speech is of great help. Notice whatever you notice.

Gently say to yourself:
"My head is comfortable and relaxed"
" My face is relaxing."
"My face is softening."
Repeat as appropriate.

Notice the feelings of relaxation.

Softly say to yourself:
"My eyes are relaxed"
"My jaw and chin are relaxing even more"
"My whole face is relaxed."

Notice how much more relaxed you are becoming.

"My shoulders and arms are relaxing"
"My chest and stomach are relaxing naturally"
"My whole body is relaxing more"
"My whole body is deeply relaxed"
Repeat as appropriate. Notice whatever you notice.

Say to yourself:
"My body is relaxing more. As one area of my body is relaxing, all areas of my body relax".
Follow the same process for your legs and feet.

Gently say to yourself:
"I'm relaxing my thighs and calves"
My legs are more relaxed"
" My feet and toes are relaxing more"

Then double those wonderful feelings throughout your body.
It is easy now you can do it. Allow your body to follow your instructions. You are in control.
Remember your body normally does its best to take care of itself automatically.

Say to yourself:
"I'm deeply relaxed"
"I'm slowing down"

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