Monday, 26 January 2009

Love is in the air

This practice is a very simple and powerful demonstration of how are intentions can rapidly change our feelings, thoughts and our awareness of our body.
It can also help change our appreciation of the people and wider world around us.

I have peformed it at times of anxiety, anger, stress and even shortly after being told my father had died.

You can use this to help yourself be more comfortable and accepting of a place or of people you know. Your object of attention may be something or someone you feel is deserving or even undeserving of your love. Remember what you experience, or write it down if you prefer.

You can do this whilst seated, stood or lying down. I usually find 'eyes closed' is more 'dramatic' and thereby I notice and enjoy much more of the experience.

  • Begin by softly telling yourself to relax and by using one of my relaxing exercises if neccessary, under the label 'Relaxation' in this blogg.
  • Pretend your sending out love from yourself into a person or place. Direct your love with intention and believe that whatever you send it to, shall recieve.
  • Notice where the source of love is coming from. For example is it your heart/chest area or your whole body, or somewhere else. Notice whatever you notice.
  • Clearly see your intended recipient either surrounded or imbued or both, with your love. Avoid anticipating a reaction. Just direct your love and see it clearly moving and reaching the recipient.
  • Take pleasure and savour the feelings and experiences of doing this.
  • You will know or feel, when you are satisfied.

After a pause, you may find this so good, you want to continue with a variation.

  • Simply, send love from yourself with the intention for it to go where it will. Take an opportunity to be surprised. Allow whatever happens to happen and notice and remember.
I'm sure you can create variations of this to make you feel good. When you stop, gradually make yourself more familiar with your surroundings again.

Take care and come back for more special suggestions to make you feel good and relax.

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