Saturday, 24 January 2009

Relax, just do it!

I was asked today, where and when relaxation would be useful.
I'll be honest, I regarded this as a silly question. I looked at the person asking and said "Are you being serious?"
I'll admit to feeling relieved, when they replied they were serious. I suppose we both wanted to be taken seriously. So, this post is based upon what I spoke about. Read it and it could make sense to you. Act upon it and you can feedback to me what you think.

There's usually one or more reasons for a person to believe learning or relearning relaxation will be good for them. It is usually related to health and well-being. I'm most interested in giving anyone the tools to relax as quickly as possible so they can experience any benefits unique to them. The internet is a great space for that.

Decide where you feel more relaxation would be useful to you. I like the answers "all the time" or "as often as possible." How realistic these answers will be depends of course on your lifestyle and attitude. We all have different demands placed upon us at different times and accordingly different exercises will suit those times. Again, it's unique to you.

Realistically, you will likely have certain situations where you want to relax more, for example, at work, at home, on a blind date, during sex, on public transport, to help you get ideas for a book, between sprints on a training session. The lists is huge and ever growing.

Read my posts, practice what you read, so your mind and body will together discover what works best and so you can more easily recall what to do and how to do it. You are really discovering ways of using your thoughts and emotions to create changes in your body and behaviour. I think that sounds like you have a very powerful tool to practice with.

Have an attitude of 'I'm playing with cool things' or "I'm daring to pretend" or "I'm exploring something new" or " I want to discover more wonderful things about me." You get the idea.

I repeat, play with suggestions and exercises. The cool thing is no one has to know your practicing with these tools. I like to think they will notice positive differences in you as a result of practice.

Make the suggestions and exercises your own. We all have thoughts, emotions, bodies, yet they're all unique therefore individual and still they respond to very similar patterns which is why these suggestions will be of use to you.

Consider just how deeply relaxed you can become. I mean, how far will you enjoy exploring? During your free time I strongly recommend you take those opportunities to play with my suggestions. When I was researching and developing techniques for myself I often practised at work as well as on crowded public transport systems. Believe me when I say, it was far more preferable than stressing out over sales targets, getting tense about reaching clients in time, or being annoyed at the crush on the sardine-tin trains.

Simply allow yourself to notice whatever you notice when you relax or practice other suggestions. You'll discover and learn far more easily this way. Prediction can be left for economising your finances and reading the horoscopes. No joke, I sometimes read mine. I know the difference.

What do you imagine you can do when you're more relaxed? Will you enjoy greater well being? To answer these questions, you will have a memory of relaxing in the past. The memory will be experienced both in your mind and your body. Almost simultaneously if you take a moment to notice.

There is a funny thing I noticed many years ago. When your mind relaxes, your body does too. When your body relaxes, your mind does too. Have fun and I hope you really enjoy reading my posts. Let me know how useful they are to you.


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