Monday, 26 January 2009

Uniquely You - an Awareness Meditation

In my opinion this is something of a 'classic' meditation or awareness practice. It's all about you becoming more aware of you! It's very easy to do. It's normally enjoyable and often insightful. It will assist you in developing concentration and relaxation as well. What more can you ask for? Apart from a lottery win, of course. Well, ask for that too!

Remember that as you go through each step, Notice what you notice. Return your focus to the areas mentioned if a distraction occurs.
Allow whatever happens to happen. Avoid prediction and take pleasure in this. Go on, you know you can.
For beginners in particular: as soon as you feel satisfied or anything other than comfortable, take a pause, then return.

Relax in the best way you know how and if you prefer, go through one of my Relaxation techniques in this blogg.

  • Sit comfortably. To close your eyes is preferable.
  • Allow your back to be relaxed, upright and place both your feet on the floor. Prepare to enjoy yourself.
  • Tell yourself to relax some more and use that special voice you have. The voice, that when you use it your whole body automatically relaxes even more.
  • As you gently focus upon relaxing, your body relaxes and your mind follows further still. Then it's easier to be aware of what's happening now. Tell yourself to maintain and return to awareness even if distracted.
  • Gently place your awareness on the area around your groin or reproductive area (safe and simple language, hope you appreciate it).
  • Be calm and quiet and relax. Notice what you notice. Keep your focus of awareness there for a comfortable period and repeat this for each point listed below.
  • Now, place your awareness on your navel area. Do this for a period and notice whatever you notice.
  • Next, focus upon your solar plexus. Simply be aware of this location.
  • Rest your awareness upon your chest, heart area. Again, notice whatever you notice as you gently rest your attention here.
  • Next, put your awareness on the throat area and with ease, notice whatever you notice.
  • Now, settle your focus on the area between your eyebrows and middle of your forehead. Notice what you notice.
  • Place your awareness on the top of your head. Focus there and simply 'be aware'.

Once you're ready to stop, do so and take notes of experiences and insights if you wish. Make yourself gradually more familiar with your surroundings again.

Have fun and keep on returning to view my posts.
Thanks for reading.

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