Thursday, 22 January 2009

Smile, it's a relaxing world inside and out.

You're only a hot smile away from relaxing.

We know the power of the happy smile is in it's ability in encouraging people to relax and feel happier. Internationally, it's one of the best understood feel-good languages of the body. It breaks barriers across cultures, beliefs, geography, education and social status. The beauty held in a smile not only creates good feelings in the smiler but makes those it's directed to feel good as well.
Here and now, you can enjoy a wonderful smile. Go on, I dare you.

  • Sit, stand or lay down comfortably. You may close your eyes or keep them open.

  • Imagine another you, smiling a genuine and beautiful smile. The kind of smile that 'lights up' and seems to grow larger in your mind. The kind of smile that becomes a radiance with light dancing in your eyes.

  • Now, send that smile into every part of your body. In your head, trunk, arms and legs. Send it into any part of you that feels tense or uncomfortable.

  • Imagine that smile going into every organ within your body. From your brain to your reproductive organs, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

  • Allow that smile to travel throughout you in the way that feels absolutely best at this time.

  • Now, smile into every part of your day, into the memories of past days and into the future of your many tomorrows.

  • Now, I Imagine your real eyes are smiling, the corners of your mouth raising and you're noticing those feel-good sensations flowing wonderfully through you.

Continue with this until your either in ecstasy, deep relaxation, both or ready to return to work.

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