Friday, 23 January 2009

Tune In, Turn On, Take Off From Here

today's post arrives as a result of a cool exercise I performed earlier. This created a growing feeling of powerful motivation toward something I had avoided earlier.
I'm also appreciating a secondary effect which has been to positively change my beliefs about the activity.

  • Imagine yourself beginning the activity.
  • Create a large image of yourself. Make it life size if that's more comfortable or powerful for you.
  • See yourself smiling broadly and being happy and relaxed performing the activity.
  • Now make that image into a movie. See yourself performing, hear what you hear and feel what you feel.
  • Increase the colours, sounds and take time to notice your happy feelings as well as the 'physical' feelings of you accomplishing the activity.
  • When you have the movie as you like it, move fully into it if you have not already done so. Imagine you are there really accomplishing whatever activity you want to do well.
  • Enjoy some moments there and really allow those sensations to 'soak' into you.
  • Imagine the rewards you will receive, however big or small, once you are really performing the activity.
  • Now, imagine the rewards you will receive, however big or small, once you have accomplished it. These rewards may be emotional like relief, happiness or relaxation or financial or anything else that's positive.

I hope this will be very useful to you.

Yes, part of the title 'Tune In, Turn On...'originated with the late Timothy Leary. Never met him, although I have heard some of his talks on the matrix masters podcast. The main content I practice and change for myself, after discovering techniques during research into NLP as created by its co-founder Richard Bandler. Very useful stuff.

Have a great weekend!
Tune in, turn on and return here to read more relaxing, self powering posts.

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