Sunday, 25 January 2009

You're easy guide - Preparing to Meditate

Here you'll get very useful suggestions for when you sit to meditate.
They can make meditating even more enjoyable and insightful.
I prefer to keep suggestions as simple and effective as possible. I also prefer to keep it sat in the real world. The most important general points I can give you are:

1. Relax
2. Be comfortable
3. Enjoy yourself
4. Keep focussed
5. Explore
6. Discover

Make an annagram from the 6 points if it helps you remember. With a little practice you'll soon demonstrate them when you meditate.

The following are guidelines often given to frequently asked questions.

  • Beginners to meditation may prefer to use quiet, comfortable places to meditate. You can sit in a comfortable chair, on a sofa, the bed, on the floor, anywhere that you feel is comfortable. It's not necessary to sit cross-legged or with your legs behind your head or in an advanced yoga posture that appears only possible to perform after several lifetimes practice.
  • Avoid meditating on either a completely empty stomach or an overly full stomach, unless that is what you're comfortable with of course. Most people I meet prefer to feel comfortable, focussed and content. So, look after yourself in this matter as only you know how.
  • Beginners or anyone else for that matter, including me, may prefer little or no noise and no distractions. From a practical aspect, you'll quickly develop the skill to focus in your meditation and naturally any distractions will be avoided.
  • When sitting to meditate, make sure your whole body is as realistically comfortable as possible at that time, in that environment. With practice you'll quickly have the ability to meditate in different locations. I've meditated on trains, in my car on motorway service stations, at home with music booming around the apartment, as well as in idyllic locations. The one common experience is that the 'quiet' comes from me! And that ladies and gentlemen, is a wonderful thing.
  • Simply sit upright. There are no special body, leg, arm and hand postures. Obviously, lay down if it's necccessary. Some people are laying prone due to health issues. For many people, lying down is associated with sleep and 'napping'. Sleeping, napping are not meditating.
  • Practice your ability to focus. You will receive plenty of encouragement and suggestions here to assist you in developing this. Thinking is not meditating. Daydreaming is not meditating. Meditation is easier and can be more insightful than that. Don't take my words for it. Meditate.
  • Begin regarding your meditation as a fantastic opportunity to explore yourself and reap benefits of well-being along the way. It's a holiday whenever you want it.

Looking for Meditation tools and techniques? Then read and practice my posts on Meditation regularly.

Thanks for reading and please post your feedback.

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