Monday, 19 January 2009

A quick and easy relaxation thats deep, natural and legal too

Relaxation is a wonderful experience, again and again
I imagine some people really deeply, relax. I imagine many people can relax deeply when they know how. The purpose of this blog is to give you regular, easy to use, effective techniques for relaxing deeply, meditating and feeling good. The labels to the right of this post will guide you into areas of your choice.

I meet plenty of people who tell me, they've either forgotten how to relax or never felt the relaxation they believe they're capable of enjoying. It's useful to know that we can relearn the best things as quickly as we forget the most useless. It's just like, when you soften as you lay down and allow the warm waters of your bath to soak over you. Many old pleasures and new sensations come together in a moment.
If you could bring them together by reading and practising the suggestion below, I'm sure you'll remember to use them in your future too.

Now, discover how deeply relaxing this is
Some lucky people tell me they're naturally relaxed and I think that's something we can all create for ourselves. Here is one of the most effective relaxation techniques, in my opinion, and you can put it into practice today!
  • Remember a time in your life when you were most relaxed.
  • Or imagine a special moment when you experience such deep relaxation that every part of you is at ease and feeling just wonderful.
  • In a soothing voice tell yourself to slow down some more.
  • Now, see yourself clearly, relaxing deeply . Notice what you look like from your head to your toes as you body relaxes.
  • Explore how deeply comforting this is. The more you notice yourself relaxing, the more you soften and feel comfortable everywhere.
  • See what you see as you relax more, hear what you hear and feel all the good sensations you are feeling.
  • Move into that image of yourself, if you have not done so already.
  • Increase these feelings of relaxation in the easiest way available to you, now.
  • Notice what part of you is most comfortable. Where is the most relaxed place in your body?
  • Now, tell yourself to spread those relaxing feelings through your whole body.
  • Have these wonderful feelings spread from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
  • When every part of you is more relaxed then double those feelings.
  • I wonder if you've ever felt so relaxed before.

Feel how good this is now, so in the future you can easily enjoy these wonderful sensations again. Now, say to yourself in a slow, gentle voice: "Relax" "Every part of me is deeply relaxed." But you probably know that already. And enjoy! Thanks for reading. Jens

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