Monday, 23 March 2009

Hypnotize yourself for well being now!

This article offers a rapid way to enjoy self hypnosis or self-suggestion.
Below you will find an easy step by step process to hypnotise yourself for greater well being.
Before that, a quick explanation of why I wrote this article.

Hypnosis - my definition
Whatever I call it, this is really what it is: something related to what you probably do much of the waking day when you decide to achieve or get something done (this might range from arriving at work to feeding and bathing the kids).

You can find at least eight different academic and anecdotal definitions online. The fuss over definitions or understanding is almost laughable, except if it results in the denial of powerful resources for those in need. I like to think that defining a thing is not the same as refining it as a result of practical use. In the 21st century, I wonder if hypnotism will be accepted as self induced access to a greater mind - body relationship or will it be pulled back by intellectual caution into the basin of alternative medicine?

I have another simple definition of hypnosis: It's the way you purposefully engage your imagination, your inner dialogue, your feelings, your mind and body. The result of this engagement of your mind-body is: You have choices that you can enjoy. You're in control.
I believe the mind-body is intimately connected. For example, you meet someone you think is attractive, your mind says "oooh", your body feels "laalaa." Very simple, very effective.

I'm avoiding the area of clinical, practitioner and therapy related hypnosis for the purposes of this article. I'm far more interested in what we can do for ourselves as complimentary to other treatments or advice.

Self Hypnosis - what's it all about?
You could probably tell me! It appears to have been 'understood' in different ways through the ages. Each definition ideologically tinted or tainted by various paradigms and cultures. Uses of hypnosis are thought to stem from the ancient temples of Asclepius the Greek god of medicine through to the present day.

I strongly consider our thoughts are our responsibility. You can do with them as you please. Decide now, what type of thoughts you want to give you the feelings you desire, for the life you feel will be yours. Amongst all this change around us, when we notice our present we are more likely to find greater choice for our future. Sometimes the past can be left where it is, behind us. The beautiful thing is you do have the power, the technology, the innate skills to alter your thoughts for a wonderful change.

The Benefits of Self Hypnosis
Like so many useful things in life, the practical value of anything is in it's application. If you experience a benefit you can connect with it's use, then that is excellent because you can explore it further. If not, find something else that works.

Artists of all kinds (people with the same technologies of mind and body, like you and me) produce new music, release new movies, create new art, build new structures, care about something, give and receive love, focus thinking in new directions, are changed by new feelings.
Science claims that every part of our human physiology is constantly undergoing change. You can't think an original thought twice.

Imagine if someone listened to the same songs, watched the same movies, did the same things repeatedly over many months they'll eventually become uninspired, tired and unhappy during those moments. Oh yeah, if you're thinking 'Why change?' ' I don't need to change' I'm not saying you do. I am saying that all life is experiencing change. Changeless change. It appears very good at it.

I like to generalise the term 'successful' to 'success in being well.' I like to think this helps people search internally for more wealth in their life beyond money.
Which means many of us have more choices. Also more potential acknowledgement of success. Your thoughts belong to you because they exist in your personal space. Whether they are originally yours or were inspired from another source like a marketing campaign only you will know. The mind is a reactive tool and we can use it to very good effect for our well being. Some people claim happiness, well being, relaxation and a financial fortune from using their mind creatively and productively.

The way to rapidly hypnotise yourself
Read through the suggestions below, practise them. Then sit down, relax, close your eyes and repeat to hypnotise yourself.

Choose a belief you want for yourself. For example, you want the confidence to choose to do whatever you want. Pick something that you believe will make a positive difference in your life.

  • Sit down comfortably, close your eyes and relax.
  • Imagine yourself with your chosen belief. A healthy, wealthy attitude, a preferred situation, a fruitful life that you will one day call your own.
  • Maybe you want to be more loved - loving, confident, energetic, creative, generous, sexy, sociable. The choice is yours.
  • Imagine living a life with this belief. Experience this vividly and colourfully.
  • Notice what your behaviour is like. How well are you living? How happy are you? What are you attracting into your life with this new belief?
  • Be aware of how you are walking, standing, smiling, talking, breathing with this new image of you.
  • See yourself doing these things and notice the following: How are you moving? What does your voice sound like? How are you dressed? How do you talk with other people?
  • Be intuitive, be playful and explore what feels most appropriate.
  • Make any adjustments you like to increase your well being. Make the colours rich and bright, the sounds louder, the good feelings stronger.
  • Move into this image, if you haven't done so already. Integrate with this new attitude and behaviour you've been noticing. Let them really become yours.
  • Sit and savour this for as long as you like.
  • You will know when you've 'got it right' because your body will vibrate with pleasure. You'll feel what's best. Hear what your mind-body tells you.
What situations in your life will benefit from your new behaviour? All of them?
Take time to imagine and record what you can achieve with this new belief and skills.

This suggestion was based upon my experiences of using tools provided by the Silva Method and NLP.

I'll suggest you repeat this self hypnosis regularly. Make a normal daily schedule for it. It's simply using your imagination to benefit your behaviour to positively shape your life.
So, self - hypnotise yourself now to feel great whilst planning your future. I wonder how curious you are about how you can make your future from this present? The more you practise the technique above, the more you'll notice what is best for you.
Many of us are fortunate people to be living with the inner and outer technology available to us. Explore it for yourself and let's discover what the potential is.

Tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading


  1. This post is very interesting. I really enjoy your definition of 'Hypnosis'. I would never had think of 'Hypnosis' as so simple as you put it. This was an eye opening for me, and I think it will do the same for a lot of other people. I stumbled it so more people can read about this.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  2. Thanks Gíovanna

    Kind words and much appreciated.
    I'm always happier when things are simply understood. It usually means they are easier to use. Thanks´you for the stumble too.


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