Friday, 27 March 2009

Day Dreaming for Creativity and Relaxation

Day Dream Believing
This article is written about one of my favourite activities. Day dreaming. It's a creative, focused, relaxed way to get insights for your future.
Whilst doing this you can allow anything to be possible with a free and open attitude. Day dreaming has a dual purpose. You are relaxing as well as creatively orienting yourself to gather ideas.

You'll notice I referred to day dreaming as an activity. A very pleasurable, fruitful activity.
That's because I see it as the beginning of creativity. It can be used systematically for inspiration, idea generating and seeing the whole picture as you would like it.
I find it very useful for giving me specific visual information with feelings, that confirm their appropriateness for what I want to accomplish.

To get useful results from day dreaming I suggest having four simple things in place:
1. Your direction - what you want to do. What would you love to do?
2. What you value and what you recognise as useful.
3. Goals you have decided upon.
4. Relaxation.

Begin Day Dreaming
This can be done anywhere you can sit down. Have a pen and paper available or a voice recorder to note your results.
Read through the following technique until you're familiar with it then practise and enjoy day dreaming.

Consider the following and have simple, brief answers. Use the answers as a magnet for the results you'll get from day dreaming.
  • What is it you want to do?
  • What is it's purpose?
  • How soon do want it?
  • Where will it take you in the future once you have it?
Day dreaming is for seeing, feeling and hearing the specific details within the answers. Continue into the next technique.

  • Sit down comfortably with your back straight and feet upon the floor.
  • You can be looking straight ahead or slightly upwards.
  • In your own time, take 3 relaxing deep breaths. Savour each breath as it flows in and out.
  • With every gentle exhalation you'll relax more.
  • Notice which part of you feels most relaxed.
  • Gently take another deep breath and as you let it out imagine a warm and sensuous feeling growing in the area where you feel most relaxed.
  • With your next breath imagine that wonderfully relaxing feeling moving all around your body.
  • Enjoy pleasure in the deeper feelings of relaxation and imagine any tension washing away.
  • Every breath you take can easily deepen this relaxation.
  • Notice what would happen if you took this relaxation into your life.
  • The more you allow things to happen, the more your natural breathing will be relaxed and relaxing.
  • Stay with this feeling and be open to the ideas that will come to you.
Record whatever information is useful and attractive to you.

Day Dreaming Hints & Tips
In my experience a relaxed body posture is important for the best results. I have found a seated upright posture, with head up or slightly raised to be most comfortable. My eyes are gently focused at a point somewhere between my eyebrows and middle of my forehead for the quickest results.
Having the intention to receive appropriate or relevant information is useful. A playful, open attitude seems to encourage more results for me.

I'm very interested to know what you find from using this technique.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Relaxation with a purpose, what a great idea. Thank you for the step by step how to.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    I'm glad the technique is of use.
    I'll be interested to hear if you discover any productive ideas from it's use.


  3. I LOVE THIS Jens.
    would you consider doing something similar for a guest post at mizfit?

  4. Wonderful!
    It'll be a pleasure to do that.
    Thanks for your comment and thank you for your offer.