Monday, 30 March 2009

10 Steps for a Stress Less new Season

Relax, spring is here and for many people it's the season to rejoice. A warmer, sunnier climate is expected to be bouncing along our way soon. Accompanying this brighter change in season is often a change in attitudes, aspirations, dreams and hobbies. Well, it is amongst many of the people I've been talking with recently and that's an optimistic response to the end of the darkly chilled Scandinavian winter.

I've created a list of activities and changes that I hope will attract, amuse and provoke even more creativity from you, for a relaxing spring season. Each suggestion comes with it's own link to a site offering you diverse ways to enjoy spring. Enjoy!

1. Enjoy relaxing in the outside world again.
Maybe you never stopped or maybe you've forgotten what a bright outside world looks like between your workplace, gym, restaurant, car and home. I love the outdoors even if I'm just strolling along listening to my thoughts, my mp3 player or the world around me. I also prefer exercising outside too and rarely use the gym.
If you enjoy walking, cycling and running outdoors here is a useful website to assist you with maps and distances to measure: Map my run

2. Discover something unique about the natural world around you.
This season with it's extra daylight and warmth (usually) is the time to venture outside and really explore this. There's a curious aspect to nature. Did you know that there are mathematical principles visible in plants, human bodies and flowers and they are often expressed in the symbolic language of art, architecture, songs, myths, folk sayings and religions? Neither did I! You can take information outside with you from this site: Golden Number

3. Write poetry for the world to see.
As you cast your hungry gaze across the blossoming landscapes of springs' new vitality...Write something wonderful about the changing daily scenes and inspirations in spring. When you want to share it, (as well as social/microblogging it) submit it to this site
Poetry Magazine

4. Teach yourself Relaxation for less stress
Learn to relax easily and quickly. Discover how to use your imagination, memory and creative flexibility for relaxation. Tell your friends and colleagues when you feel it's good for them.
Begin here with The Relaxing Zone

5. A new season, a new reason to buy new clothes
Buy clothes that reflect the new season and your new 'mood' or 'attitude'. All the fashion houses release new season clothes and all successful high street stores do the same. Feel what colours and styles best reflect you and where you want to be this season. Fashion Chicks

6. Choose different foods for your diet.
Spring greens like asparagus and plantain are starting to come out now. Yummy. Did you know that passion fruit has more fibre per ounce than any other fresh fruit? Nor did I. You can select new foods based on nutritional value (which I suspect is a novelty for some of us) This site is helpful Nutrition Data

7. Grow yourself a herb garden.
Begin planting a herb garden or a herb box (if you have no garden) and you can enjoy their fragrance before using them in your cooking. All they require to grow well is sunshine with a light, fertile well drained soil. Simple stuff. Check this site. Herb Growing

8. Volunteering
A generous way to spread spring's energetic vibe whilst building upon your recognition of need and social responsibility. You can probably think of many ways to offer your skills and knowledge to your neighbours, friends or community. This site matches people and causes Volunteer Match

9. Learn basic digital photography
Capture scenes to inspire the wonder and emotions from the daily scenes around you. Upload and share on flickr or your various blogs and profiles. If you're like me then a few hints and tips are always welcome. The next step is remembering to take the camera outside with you (note to self). Find hints and tips here Digital Photography School

10. Relax and decide upon what you don't need.
Take some old clothes and household items to a charity store near you. Consider it an important aspect of your spring cleaning. You never know what things you might discover for yourself. Find what beliefs and attitudes are unproductive for you now. Exchange them for something more conducive to well being and the blossoming of spring.
Read this for imagining yourself doing something new Tune in, turn on, take off from here

I hope these suggestions are all useful to you. Please let me know your experiences or suggestions for other activities this season.

Thanks for reading


  1. Great list of resources on how to relax! I like the fact that you prevent one relevant link to each point. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jens

    I love the ten ways you listed above for less stress. Spring is the best. I love the going out door, my favorite things to do is to hang out at the barn with my horse and my friends.
    That is the best Relaxation for me.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  3. It's a pleasure - reading your comment and enjoying spring.
    Horses are such graceful creatures. Some can often be seen nearby and occasionally they'll wander over and allow me to say hello.
    Friends are the best company though.


  4. Hiya Evelyn

    Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like the linked items. They're all varied and interesting ways to relax and be creative.