Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Magic of Your Intuition part 1

Welcome to the first of a two part article on the Magic of Intuition.
Today's article will show you ways to prepare for receiving intuitive ideas or intuitive thinking. It has 3 techniques you can quickly use to remove tension or reduce the thinking that sometimes blocks intuition. Remember: Intuition is a simple, natural, enjoyable ability that I like to think is available to us all.

What is Intuition?
In my experience it's information, ideas or answers I arrive at or 'receive' when I relax and put aside logical, analytical thinking. Intuition feels natural, instant and relevant. It is often described as 'gut feeling', 'knowing', 'understanding without thinking.'
I've certainly had the gut feelings about places, events and people that were not based on rational thoughts or beliefs. Others claim to have them too. The following story illustrates this very clearly.

During 2005, a friend of mine was preparing to travel from north London to central London to catch a connecting train on the morning of the 7th July. Drinking a morning coffee he considered whether to take a 7.30am underground Tube train to Victoria Station or have a longer breakfast and catch a 8.30am Tube instead.
Whilst he imagined the longer breakfast was a good idea, he felt almost overwhelmed by bad feelings. He talked with his friend about breakfast and each time he considered staying longer, he experienced in his words: " a bad feeling rising from my stomach and across my chest and arms. At the same time my vision became cloudier or darker somehow."

He chose to take the earlier Tube train to Victoria Station. Sometime between 9.30 - 10.00am he watched reports on a TV showing images of the aftermath of the London Tube and bus bombings that morning. His later tube train would have taken him directly along one of the bomb sites at the time it was exploded.

So, the ability to notice gut feelings or intuition is probably a very good thing.

Into Intuition
This post grew from my earlier post on Day Dreaming. After talking with people about if and how they intuit information compared to reasoning or logically developing ideas, I decided to offer some practical guidelines you may find useful.

I believe few people have doubts about the faculty called intuition. I do think some people do not realise or have briefly forgotten how to access a suitable state in which to use intuition. This post is written to help show you how.

After asking people what inhibits them in using their intuition, I had the following 4 themes:

a. Thinking too much.
b. Don't believe in it.
c. Don't believe they have an ability or a lack of confidence.
d. Too much tension - often located in the stomach.

As a response I've written 3 techniques.
The first exercise will help you relax all over, remove tension from your tummy and reduce your thinking. Does it get much better than that? I believe once you're relaxed you'll find yourself more at ease and receptive to your intuition. It's a simple thing to begin now.

Please read through the following suggestions first. Then have lost of fun practising them.

Getting into the Intuitive Groove

Intuition Exercise 1
1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and say to yourself in your most soothing, sensual voice to 'Relax.'

2. Enjoy sitting in this growing feeling of relaxation. Feel free to repeat 'Relax' or whatever words make you feel most happy and at ease.

3. Flow the feelings from the most relaxed part of your body, into your stomach or any tense area. Move this relaxation in the way that is most natural, instant and pleasurable.

4. Notice how this relaxing feeling moves, what the feelings of movement are like and what pleasurable sensations it gives, as you move it around into all areas.

5. Bathe yourself in the pleasure of this relaxation.

During this technique people may find they 'discover' intuition and it's distinctions from logical thinking. Which is a cool thing. I recommend you enjoy this relaxation often, so it becomes very familiar and almost 'second nature' to you.

The next two exercises are for those of you not completely sure whether you're intuitive or not. I believe it will help you have confidence in your innate ability. I also think it helps people settle into a suitably intuitive state. Having confident feelings that you can use your innate intuition is necessary. Here's how to get it.

Intuition Exercise 2
1. Recall a strong, vivid memory of something you know confidently happens regularly and that you confidently perform regularly.

2. This may be enjoying a walk, tying your shoe laces, driving your car, brushing your teeth, making love (that's a good thing to feel confident about), dressing yourself or anything else that comes to mind.

3. Notice everything you can about this confident memory. What image or images are there? What sounds do you hear and at what volume? What are all the colours you see and their brightness. What are all the physical sensations you recall? What are all the feelings of confidence you get in doing this?

4. Enjoy noticing all these sensations and remember them.

5. Move into the image (if you have not done so already). Imagine being there now, doing things you confidently know happen regularly and that you are confident in.

6. Bathe in these feelings of certainty and confidence. Wonderful!

Now move onto the following exercise.

Intuition Exercise 3
1. Clearly see 'another you' sat or stood before you.

2. This image of you is both relaxed and confident and now you know exactly how good that feels.

3. Be aware that 'you' are very certain in your ability to be successfully intuitive.

4. Look at the way you are, your posture, your feelings, your presence, as you use your intuition.

5. Notice everything that you need to be intuitive now.

6. Experience intuitive ideas in whatever form is appropriate, flowing into your awareness.

7. Comfortably move into the other you (if you have not done so already).

8. Share all the confidence and certainty you have from the previous exercise and have that now as you use your intuition. Take in all the best most useful things.

9. Imagine how much easier, happier or improved your life will be, with this new confidence and certainty in your intuition.

Intuition is a simple, natural, enjoyable ability that I think is available to us all. These techniques are designed to help remove blocks and encourage new beliefs. As I mentioned earlier, some people find they have intuitive experiences during and after practising any or all these techniques. I hope that's the same for you now.
Remember it's fun, easy and natural!

Part 2 of this article will appear in my next post. I'll give you techniques to enjoy an intuitive state and I like to think you'll get results. They work for me and I hope they will for you too.

Please let me know how useful you find these suggestions. Feel free to comment and share your own.

Thanks for reading


  1. Hi Jens

    I believe that "Thinking too much" is the killer to intution. The first 2 second is usually the intution talkng, after that is your brain talking.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  2. Hiya Giovanna

    I agree. Intuition is instant. Brain talking is sometimes chatter that gets in the way.

    thanks for commenting