Sunday, 1 March 2009

That's what I want!

This article will look at what we want and how to begin organising our thoughts and ideas at the beginning of the day.
Decide upon what you want to experience more of during the day. You can't always have vehicle-free roads or ecstasy inducing moments or large lotto winning surprises. We can decide to experience certain feelings more frequently. We can even decide to experience more events in our lives when we are prepared to go into environments that support them.

We can first build 3 things:
1. Clear insights into what we want
2. Strong beliefs about new things we want
3. Test the beliefs to see if we really want them.

This is not about wealth creation but about attracting more 'wealth' of daily experience. Although I'm sure it can be used in conjunction with wealth creation strategies and tactics.
It's really about:
1. Building expectations inside yourself.
2. Developing the ability to notice the things you want in the world around you.
3. Creating vivid experiences and good feelings inside yourself.
4. Organising your imagination to give you enthusiasm and motivation toward useful things.
5. Deciding what good, useful things you can get today.

I'll elaborate more on the above to give you greater scope for exploration and expression.

1. Decide what you want more of....
that you know you can achieve either today or sometime this week. For example 'feel happier more often', 'laugh more with friends', 'put money regularly into a saving account', 'flirt more with women/men', 'design a plan for my future goals, achievements'.

2. How do you know something is or will be important to you?
Do this simple exercise. Imagine a scenario where you already have the thing you want. You've got it or you're already doing something you want to do.
What are you noticing?
Does it feel good? Your body will tell you this automatically.
What benefits can you list as a result of doing this activity or having that thing? If you've no benefits at all and it doesn't feel good then it's probably useful to choose something else.

If you're struggling to remember what it's like to feel good and make good choices...
Do you remember a time when you were happy?
Do you remember a time you did something or bought something that made you feel good afterwards and maybe for a long time afterwards?
What did you experience in the build up to and during the good decision?
What made you decide to do the thing that made you feel so good?
Where do the feelings start and where do they travel?
Can you make those good feelings even stronger and longer lasting?

3. When you find a thing or many things you want, vividly imagine two scenarios.
Attracting them into your life.
Living with them already in your life as a common occurrence.

4. Decide that you can enjoy more things or different things in your life and be realistic.
You may not win the lotto this week but you can enjoy the expectation to win especially if you play the lotto. Otherwise why waste your time and money? You may want a better car and being realistic may mean cleaning, repairing and part exchanging your old car for a new model. You may benefit from reducing other financial outgoings and adopting small changes in your lifestyle, like reducing clothes shopping, buying healthier foods, walking more and reducing fuel costs, stopping smoking, in consumer terms the list is flexible and nearly inexhaustible.

5. Consider this.
To enjoy vivid, body tingling realistic expectations, it's good to know that the things you can achieve tomorrow or next year are really available.
Where are they found in the world?
Who already has them?
How do I get them for myself?
Discovering much more about these things will help you decide if they are accessible and neccessary for your happiness and well being.

6. This is how you begin creating good experiences inside yourself for the activity you want to do.
  • Imagine yourself beginning the activity.
  • Create a large image of yourself. Make it life size if that's more comfortable or powerful for you.
  • See yourself smiling broadly and being happy and relaxed performing the activity.
  • Now make that image into a movie. See yourself performing, hear what you hear and feel what you feel.
  • Increase the colours, sounds and take time to notice your happy feelings as well as the 'physical' feelings of you accomplishing the activity.
  • When you have the movie as you like it, move fully into it if you have not already done so.
  • Imagine you are there really accomplishing whatever activity you want to do well.
  • Enjoy some moments there and really allow those sensations to 'soak' into you.
  • Imagine the rewards you will receive, however big or small, once you are really performing the activity.
  • Now, imagine the rewards you will receive, however big or small, once you have accomplished it. These rewards may be emotional like relief, happiness or relaxation or financial or anything else that's positive.
7. Organising your thoughts and internal experiences on paper or computer.
Create lists for what you want or need. There are two (really, many) ways of developing a list. One list can show firstly what is achievable or necessary and moving toward what is desirable and is expected to take a longer period to achieve. The second is to start with what is realistically achievable and move toward what is fantasy.
When your creating the list, establish a time line. Begin with what you can achieve now during the coming week then progress to the month and every 2 or 3 month period. You may prefer to list items on a weekly basis, bi weekly or monthly. You can decide upon many variations and alter them whenever you like.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with relaxation. Sometimes we relax when we notice more choices in our lives and opportunities to change in the way we want to. The post is concerned with creating choices with the imagination to help notice more choices available to us in our every day world. When we have the flexibility to 'see' more, we can feel more too and this may help in listening to discover more of what we really want. So decide what you want. Discover the best way for you to do that. Then explore your world around you and notice more of what you choose. Have fun!

Thanks for reading

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