Tuesday, 3 March 2009

11 steps for a change

1. Begin your day with a few positive, energising, self-endorsing statements. For example, in the morning saying phrases like "I'm feeling wonderful!" "I'm relaxed and alert" "I'm enjoying a great day" is obviously going to be more positive for your immediate well being than habitually repeating things like " Oh, I'm too tired" "I've got to drag myself to work in an hour" "I can't be bothered today".

2. Say your positive statements with enthusiasm even if you're feeling tired and notice just how quickly you begin to feel better. The amazing thing with using your voice like an actor on stage or film is you can feel the different effects your voice has on your body and attitude almost immediately. It's one of the most powerful everyday tools for creating good feelings.

3. Wear different coloured clothes than you normally would. If you normally wear lots of black, white and red add some colours like yellow, blue, green and pink. Spring and summer are good seasons to explore colour themes for your wardrobe. You can buy cheap t-shirts, shirts and shorts and if you don't like wearing them give them to a charity.

4. I'm adding this one because it's useful, practical, obvious and heavily overstated in the self help genre. Differentiate between what is achievable and what is an unrealistic goal. Focus upon the achievable. Focus upon what is most important. Alternatively, just do what you want to do and have fun!

5. Change your diet by exploring different food types. For example, choose a morning to eat fruit and some nuts instead of bread or packaged cereals and notice if you feel different or have more energy. Listen to what your body tells you when you eat new foods. Your body is your own precious automatic, regenerating feedback machine. So use it with loving care.

6. Discover how many different, new or exotic varieties of food are available to you. Maybe vegetables are exotic to you. If not exotic then maybe a little rare in your diet. What does your local grocers or supermarket stock? What are the differences in cost? How exciting can you make a new dish? What music will you listen to when making a particular dish? Consider tastes, smells, cooking time, ways to cook and who to cook for to help make eating more exciting and healthy.

7. Be yourself. What does this really mean? Whatever happens and whatever you do, who else can you be? It's often a ridiculous suggestion for someone to make. I prefer " Be True to Yourself". I only put it here because some friends said they like to read "Be yourself" and it means "Be true to yourself." I'm a crowd pleaser!

8. Read a book that attracts you and stimulates your imagination or satisfies an interest or hobby you have. Alternatively become a write yourself. Start a blog. Write poetry or songs. Begin a blog with poetry.

9. Turn off the TV, computer, Ipod or any other device that you habitually allow to consume your attention. Take control and enjoy doing something else for a change. There's plenty of alternatives to choose from.

10. Begin exercising. I'm sure you're as surprised to find this here as I am to find myself including it. Go walking, cycling, running, workout using your body weight. There's lots of online information on exercising. Go take a look. You do not need a gym to get fit and healthy. Foremost you need yourself, your imagination and your motivation.

11. Be quiet, relaxed and still. These are three natural states of being. Have fun in exploring them and write down what you discover about each. You may be fascinated by what you find. They may even positively change the way you perceive life.

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